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Williams Pipeline Partnerships With Skamania County DEM

January 17, 2012
2:00 PM

During a time of tightening budgets, the Skamania County Department of Emergency Management has found a silver lining in an otherwise tightening budget future.  The Department has relied mainly on dwindling Federal grant opportunities to ensure day to day operations.  Williams Pipeline, based out of Tulsa Oklahoma, has generously donated $5,000 to offset the trend of reduced revenue sources for the Skamania County DEM.

“Over the past many years, we have enjoyed a positive working relationship with Williams Pipeline” said Sheriff Dave Brown.  “This donation will ensure continuity of operations in the Department of Emergency Management.”  The 2012 budget reductions saw the elimination of the vehicle utilized by Skamania County DEM.  Williams made the donation to support the continued operation and maintenance of the vehicle assigned to the emergency management coordinator.  Prior to the commitment by Williams, the vehicle was slated to be cut from the 2012 budget.

Williams Pipeline currently manages the major natural gas distribution lines that run throughout Skamania County.   Williams has been an active partner with Skamania County and the City of Stevenson over the past several years.  Williams employees have participated in numerous emergency management activities and exercises and provided safety materials and information regarding their operations.