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Snow Melt And Heavy Rains Next Hurdle For Skamania County

January 23, 2012 


The National Weather Service is predicting a warm front with heavy rains as the forecast for the coming week.  With the high volume of snow and ice still in the mid to upper level elevations, authorities are expecting higher than normal water levels in Skamania County rivers and streams in the coming days.

“We encourage residents to be vigilant to increases in water levels if they live near rivers or streams in the County,” said Sheriff Dave Brown.  “We have received a flood watch throughout the County from the National Weather Service for minor flooding resulting from the approaching warm front.”

Residents should monitor water levels in nearby rivers and streams and to stay alert to additional hazards while traveling, as limbs from storm ravaged trees will continue to fall, aided by the anticipated increased winds from the warm front.

Questions on resources that may be available for residents, should  be directed to John Carlson, Skamania County Department of Emergency Management Coordinator at 509-427-8076 or email at