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Possible Exposure To Measles At Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, WA March 6-9


On March 13, local public health officials were informed of a probable measles diagnosis in an individual who spent time at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA. The individual, who was traveling internationally, was Skamania Lodge for an Open Source Technology Summit Tuesday March 6-Friday March 9.  Upon arrival at home, the individual started to exhibit the symptoms of measles and was diagnosed by a heath care provider on March 11th.

Similar situations have rarely resulted in measles transmission, largely because more than 95% of people who live in the region have been vaccinated for measles and are immune.  Measles is a potentially serious viral infection that can cause a rash illness with fever in infants and in people who have either not been vaccinated or had the disease before. Measles is transmitted through small particles in the air. It is considered highly contagious, but risk of catching it is low in large spaces in large indoor spaces or outside.

Individuals who may have been exposed to measles include: Persons who were at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA on Tuesday March 6- through the morning of Friday March 9 including: employees of Skamania Lodge, anyone visiting the lodge or using the facilities on those days, or attendees of the Open Source Tech Summit.

You are fully protected from getting measles if you were born before January 1, 1957, you have previously had measles at any time in your life or you have been fully vaccinated for measles. Note: If you have questions about your vaccine history or immune status, contact your health care provider.

People who are at high risk of getting seriously ill with measles include: infants younger than 12 months old (because they have not been vaccinated yet), pregnant women who are not immune to measles from prior vaccination (measles infection in pregnant women can cause early labor and in some cases, miscarriage) and non vaccinated individuals with poor functioning immune systems who have never had measles.

High risk individuals who have been exposed should contact their local county health department immediately. Protective antibody treatment can help decrease the risk of serious illness if given by Thursday, March 15. Skamania County Public Health Officials are working closely with the Skamania Lodge to disseminate information and alert employees, staff and guests of these recent findings. Other areas that the individual visited while in the United States are currently being investigated by state and local public health officials for potential risk of exposure to individuals.

For more or if you think you may have been exposed please contact your local health care provider and your local health department:

Skamania County Community Health: 509-427-3881
Clackamas County Health Department: 503 655 8411
Multnomah County Health Department: 503-988-3406
Washington County Health Department: 503-846-3594
Clark County Public Health Department: 360-397-8182

For Media Inquiries please contact: Jennifer vines MD,MPH County Tri-County Deputy Health Officer Work Mobile: 503-915-8963

Jacqueline Garrity
Assistant Public Information Officer
Skamania County Sheriff’s Office
Pho/ 509-427-9490 Email/