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Skamania County Institutes An Emergency Notification System

The Skamania County Sheriff’s Office currently has the capability to use a phone notification system for emergency notifications. This system allows us to call all land lines within a certain geographical area. The problem we run into is many people have eliminated their land lines and only have wireless or VOIP phones. Those people would not receive the emergency notification since the wireless phone is not linked to our database like a land line is. We now have a solution to that problem. The public can access the below link and create a new account. This allows you to register your wireless and VOIP phones so you are notified in the event of an emergency. Simply fill in the information and we will have your information linked. This will allow emergency notification information to get to you no matter what type of phone you choose.

Click on the the link below to sign your phone up for our new system.

Skamania County Emergency Notification System