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Sheriff Brown Addresses Skamania County Citizens Regarding Second Amendment.

 January 17, 2013


To the Citizens of Skamania County,

 There has been much conversation in the past several weeks following the horrific shootings in both Clackamas County, Oregon and Newtown, Connecticut. This conversation has again ignited the debate from all sides on the gun control issue. 

 Several Sheriffs across the country have publicly stated their position as it relates to any new legislation or executive order that seeks to constrict or prohibit an individual right to keep and bear arms, as protected by the second amendment of the United States Constitution.  In some cases, Sheriffs have penned their position and sent an official letter to the Vice-President of the United States.  Those letters appear to have been sent in an effort to inform the Vice-President of the position these Sheriffs are taking in advance of any new restrictions.

 I have remained vigilant in this matter while holding a deep-rooted belief that regardless of the path the federal government chooses to pursue, I am first and foremost responsible and accountable to you. 

 I do not feel compelled to explain my position to the executive or legislative branch of the United States government as I am neither responsible for their safety nor are my actions accountable to them.

 What should be stated to all of you is that I hold my oath of office as the guiding commitment to my actions each and every day.  Therefore, I intend to defend the Constitution against any act that is deemed a threat to your right to keep and bear arms.  Additionally, I will direct the actions of my deputies in a manner that is consistent with my belief and true to my oath.

 For the past 10 years, you have allowed me the honor and privilege to serve as your Sheriff. I am grateful for this opportunity and stand ready, each and every day, to meet the challenges that seek to restrict your constitutionally protected freedoms. 

 I fully intend to be steadfast in defending your freedoms, preserving peace and tranquility and securing your individual rights enumerated through the Constitution of the United States.  I commit to all of you that I will, to the best of my ability, stand tall against any intrusion upon those rights.


Dave Brown, Sheriff

Skamania County



Click on the link below to read Sheriff Dave Browns response to concerns regarding the Second Amendment in .PDF format.


Sheriff Brown Address 2nd Amendment Concerns