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Injured Texas Woman Pays For Helicopter To Assist With Her Removal From Mt St Helens


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1020 hours

An injured 48 year old Katie, TX woman decided to pay for a private helicopter to remove her and her daughter from the 6100 foot level of the south side of Mt St Helens early this morning.  Nancy Allen had contacted the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office at approximately 8:00 PM stating she and her 18 year old daughter had climbed to the top of Mt St Helens and had lost the trail on the way back down the mountain.  She reported that she had fallen over a rocky outcropping and was unable to climb back to the trail. 

 A Skamania County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Coordinator and the Volcano Rescue Team from Fire District 13 out of Yacolt responded to the call.  Although her injuries were non life threatening, she was unable to walk and was being brought out on a stokes litter by the team.  At approximately 0520 AM, part way down the mountain Allen decided that she would hire a private helicopter to remove her and her daughter rather than go the rest of the way in the stokes litter.    The helicopter arrived at approximately 0630 this morning and transported her and her daughter off the mountain. 

 The name of the helicopter service or where they were transported to has not been made available to us at this time.

 Additional information will be released if it becomes available.



Thank you for your assistance

Dave Cox


Skamania County Sheriff’s Office