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Skamania County Prosecutor Clarifies Charging Decision In Explosives Case


Tuesday, 6 August

0345 hours



August 5, 2013—The Skamania County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office today charged Christopher Wayne Dillingham with Possession of Bomb or Explosive Device with Intent to Use for an Unlawful Purpose, a Class A felony carrying up to 20 years in prison.  Dillingham was also charged with two counts of Reckless Endangerment, carrying up to 364 days in jail each.  At the request of the prosecutor, bail was set at $500,000.

Mr. Dillingham was arrested by the Skamania County Sheriff early Sunday morning.  It is believed that Dillingham used an explosive device to kill his dog, endangering nearby children in the process.

At this time, the prosecutor is still reviewing the circumstances surrounding the charged incident in order to determine whether animal cruelty charges are also warranted.  “We are reviewing the animal cruelty statutes and case law, and if the law allows, we will file additional charges in relation to the killing of the dog,” said Adam Kick, the Skamania County Prosecutor.

Contact: Pam Bell, Chief Civil Deputy, Skamania County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, 509-427-3790,


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Dave Cox
Skamania County Sheriff’s Office