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Skamania County Sheriff To Survey County Residents Regarding Service Levels

Media Release

August 9, 2013

Skamania County Sheriff Dave Brown will soon be asking county residents for input on service levels from the county’s sole law enforcement provider.  A short survey will be available beginning the week of August 11th and will be distributed at the Skamania County Fair and other locations over the following 3-4 weeks.

 “As the county continues to struggle with decreased revenues and an increasing demand for law enforcement services, it is important to know from our residents what their priorities are.”  Recent budget cuts have reduced staffing levels at the Sheriff’s Office to below 2003 levels.  The Sheriff’s office has not been able to fill vacated positions in the patrol, jail and civil division since 2011. 

 “With the remaining resources, it becomes imperative that we understand what the priorities are throughout the county.”  The survey contains 5 questions and will take only a few minutes to complete.  The Sheriff will utilize Explorer cadets at the Skamania County fair to distribute the survey to residents.  Additionally, Sheriff’s office staff will seek opportunities between now and the middle of September to reach out to residents throughout the county in order to gain a large sample of public opinion.

 Once the survey process is complete, the results will be made available through the Sheriff’s Office webpage and facebook page as well as local newspapers.  “I am hopeful that the residents of Skamania County will take the time to weigh in on the survey project.  As we continue through the 2014 budgeting process it is imperative that we plan and allocate resources based on what the public expects from their law enforcement provider.”  The Sheriff encourages all county residents over 20 years of age to participate.

 End Press Release

Dave Brown, Sheriff
Skamania County

(509) 427-9490