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Fall Victim On Upper Lewis River

July 18, 2015


At approximately 3pm on Saturday, July 18th, the Skamania County Sheriff’s 911 center received a cell phone call reporting a fall victim near the middle falls on the upper portion of the Lewis River.   Leslie Cliffe, 47 years of age from Portland Oregon reported her father George Cliffe, 73 years of age had fallen from the trail approximately 20 feet down to the river bank. 

Dispatchers had difficulty gathering information from Cliffe due to intermittent cell phone coverage in the area.  Cliffe reported her father was unconscious when she left to find cell service.

A Skamania County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the area and located the Leslie Cliffe and she then guided the deputy to the location. 

 A rescue unit and ambulance from North Country EMS responded and volunteer rescuers from the Volcano Rescue Team responded as well.

When rescuers reached the 73 year old victim, they found him to be conscious but unable to move or assist in his extrication.  Rescue efforts included a rope raising system and it took rescuers over an hour to bring Cliffe up to the Lewis River trail where he could then be wheeled to the waiting ambulance.

 Cliffe was transported to the east end of Swift reservoir to meet a Life Flight helicopter where he was then flown to the hospital.  The Skamania County Sheriff’s Office does not have information at this time as to the hospital location.


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Dave Brown