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A Statement From The Sheriff

Today, like every day, I am extremely proud of the men and women of the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office. They are the finest, hardest working, most dedicated lawmen and women anywhere. They will nurse, warn, beg, plead and look for ways to help you, unless you cross that line, then they will do their duty and protect the other citizens through our system of social protection and correction by the most reasonable means available to them, up to and including the use of deadly force.

My deputies and corrections officers are no different than the hundreds of thousands of other community protectors across our nation who are doing their jobs; the job that we citizens hired them to do and they do it well. If you take the handful of incidents that our community peacekeepers are involved in on a daily basis that turn out badly, and compare them with the hundreds of thousands of incidents that we deal with each day, we, as a nation, are doing very well. To listen to and give any level of credence to the self-serving talking heads on television who know nothing of what we actually do is foolishness, at best.

To our brothers and sisters in blue, we hurt for you today!  We will pray for you today and in the days to come!  In honor of those lost we will continue to do our best, be honorable, truthful, kind and genuinely serve with all humility. That said, we must also watch out for the evil that lurks and be prepared to take it on wherever it may rise up.

We must remember that the majority of people we serve are good, peaceful, appreciative fellow citizens. All of us must always stand up and recognize the sacrifice of our protectors, should we choose not to, we are most certainly headed down a path that none of us want to travel.


Dave Brown