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Subjects Involved In North Bonneville Shooting Incident Identified

November 24, 2016


11:15  AM



The four individuals involved in the shooting incident last evening in North Bonneville, WA have been identified.

  1.  Robert E. Holmes IV, 25 years of age, 1306 Yehuh street North Bonneville – determined to be the subject who fired the weapon.  Holmes is currently in custody at the Skamania County Jail on charges of Reckless Endangerment.


  1. Robert  Holmes III, 57 years of age, 1306 Yehuh street North Bonneville-  Robert Holmes III is the father of subject #1.   Holmes is the victim of a single gunshot wound to the face.  He was transported to the hospital last night and treated and released within a short period of time.


  1. Brian M. Miller, 30 years of age, Camas WA-  Miller was suffers from 3 gunshot wounds and is currently still hospitalized. 


  1. Sarah N. Marsengill, 35 years of age, 1306 Yehuh street North Bonneville-  Marsengill was a resident of the apartment.  She was not injured during the incident.


It is currently believed that Miller entered the apartment last night and a physical disturbance ensued between Miller and both Holmes.  Shots were fired and Holmes III and Miller were both injured.   Miller left the scene and drove to Washougal where he was later contacted by law enforcement and medical personnel.

The investigation is ongoing.

 There will be no additional media releases regarding this case until early next week.


Dave Brown