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Search Efforts Continue For Missing 15 Year Old Girl ***UPDATE***

08/22/17  0752

Missing 15 Year Old Female Update

The missing 15 year old female has been located by the Volcano Rescue Team this morning.  She is reported to be in good health.



08/22/19 0500

The Skamania County Sheriff’s Office will continue search efforts today for a 15 year old female last seen yesterday afternoon near the Lahar viewpoint area on the southeast side of Mt. St. Helens.  Approximately 30 ground searchers, 2 dog teams and air support will be assisting in the efforts.

The girl became separated from her family/friends yesterday morning.  Search efforts commenced early yesterday afternoon with ground teams and a helicopter.  Efforts continued into the night with no success.  Search coordinators were informed by campers that the girl had been spotted late yesterday afternoon. Search teams were sent to the location of the sighting but were not able to find her.

The search base is located near the end of forest road 83 approximately 20 miles northeast of Cougar WA.

Weather conditions in the search area yesterday were clear with warm temperatures. The same weather conditions are expected today.

The search area has limited road access, trails and a combination of old and young stands of timber.

At the time of this media release I do not have information regarding a name of the missing or an address of residence but will follow up with that information later.

I apologize for the informal nature of this release as it is being done remotely.

Any questions regarding search efforts can be sent to me or Undersheriff Pat Bond  Email  will be the quickest manner for you to receive a response regarding this media release.

End release

Dave Brown