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Active Fires Affect Skamania County Residents

5 Sept 2017

1430 hours


The Eagle Creek and Indian Creek fires continue to advance with the relentless east winds in the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side of the Columbia River.  Additionally, Skamania County officials have 3 active fires they are keeping a close eye on. 

 The East Crater Fire, in the Indian Heaven Wilderness, is under the jurisdiction of the US Forest Service Mt Adams District.

The Bear Creek Fire, located approximately 8 miles North of Carson, is on USFS lands and under USFS fire jurisdiction.  It is currently approximately 20 acres in size burning downhill slowly on an eastern facing slope with several DNR and FS personnel on site.  Skamania County Sheriffs deputies and Carson Fire District #1 have gone house to house to give notice of the fire in the area to residents living along  Bear Creek Rd and Borden Rd.

The Archer Mountain fire in the NW Skamania area is currently at approximately 25 acres and growing slowly.  There are Washington Department of Natural Resources crews currently working to contain this fire.  There has been a Level II evacuation notice for Mabee Mines Rd, Patrick Lane, Hillsberry Rd and Foggy Ridge Rd..  Level 3 evacuation notice has been given for McCloskey Creek, Kellett Rd, Victoria Lane, Franz Rd, Archer Mt. Rd, Smith Cripe Rd, Deville Drive, Dimrill Dale Drive, and Wakina Rd.

Residents are urged to subscribe their phone numbers to the Emergency Notification system operated by the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office.  To do this go to and click the “emergency notification” tab to register either mobile or land line phones.

Additionally, until the heavy smoke clears from the area, residents are urged to not use exhaust fans for their bathrooms and kitchens as these will draw smoke into the residence.


David S. Brown


Skamania County Sheriff

509-427-9490  Office