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8 Sept 2017 8:30AM



After consultation with the Incident Commander for the Archer Mountain Fire, the Skamania County Sheriff is reducing the following evacuation levels:


Archer Mt. Road west of Deville Drive-   Reduced to Level 2


The entire segment of Archer Mt. road has been reduced to a level 2 evacuation notice.


Residents are strongly encouraged to remain vigilant and prepared to leave at a moment’s notice.


Evacuation notices remain unchanged in the following areas:


Franz Road –   Level 2 evacuation notice.


Residents living off Franz road can return to their homes but should remain ready in the event there is any significant shift in fire


Archer Mt. Road East of Deville Drive-  Level 2 evacuation notice. 


Residents who live on Archer Mt. Road east of Deville Drive may return to their homes.  This described area is reduced to a level 2 evacuation notice including Deville Drive and Wakina road.


Dim Rill Dale Drive-   Level 2 evacuation notice.


 ARCHER MOUNTAIN  – 8:30AM   September 8, 2017


The Archer Mountain fire is now assessed at approximately 209 acres.  There are Washington Department of Natural Resources crews currently working to contain this fire.

 Evacuation levels are constantly being evaluated as fire behavior changes.  If the evacuation level is reduced, that information will be posted on the Skamania County Sheriff’s website at

Should it become necessary to increase an evacuation level, residents will be notified in person by Sheriff’s deputies or other emergency personnel.

Information will remain available on our website and facebook page and will be updated when necessary.


End Media Release


Dave Brown, Sheriff

Skamania County

509-427-9490 x 2011