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Search For Climber on Mt. St. Helens


Friday, December 07, 2018

The Skamania County Sheriff’s Office was notified late Thursday afternoon that a 38-year old man was overdue from a climbing trip on Mt. St. Helens.

According to the reporting party, a group of four hikers with a guide made the summit and were on their way back down when one hiker went ahead of the others to start packing up their camp. The overdue separated from the rest of group somewhere between the 5000 and 6500 foot level on the mountain.

When the guide and three other hikers arrived at the camp, it was still set up. The guide then proceeded back up the trail to look for the missing climber but did not locate him.

The Volcano Rescue Team responded and began search efforts. Searchers checked areas on the mountain through the night. Additional mountain rescue teams from Oregon were contacted to assist. Both the Crag Rats from Hood River and Portland Mt. Rescue are assisting in today’s efforts.

Air Assets were requested from the military and a helicopter crew from the Army station in Yakima was approved for the mission and is currently on location assisting.

Marble Mountain Sno-Park is the starting point for the Worm Flows Climbing Route for the Mount St. Helens summit. It’s the primary climbing route used during the winter.