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The Skamania County Sheriff’s Office received assistance Thursday night from the SW Washington Regional SWAT team in efforts to arrest a North Bonneville man.

Robert Lane, 42 years of age from North Bonneville was wanted on multiple warrants including stalking and violation of a protection order.   Skamania County deputies had been attempting to locate Lane for the past several days.   Deputies contacted Lane by phone Thursday afternoon and learned he was at his residence in North Bonneville. 

Contact with Lane was maintained through phone and text and Lane refused to exit the house.  Deputies had information that Lane may be armed with one or more weapons.   After 2 hours of negotiating with Lane by phone, deputies made entry into the residence.  Deputies were immediately confronted by Lane who was armed with a long gun and he raised the gun toward the deputies.   Deputies were able to exit the residence without engaging Lane.  Numerous times throughout the incident Lane indicated through text and phone messages that he was suicidal. 

The SW Washington Regional SWAT team was called for assistance.   Upon arrival, SWAT team members assisted in continued negotiations with Lane by phone.  Several officers were tactically deployed around the residence. 

At one point, officers heard a gunshot come from inside the residence, negotiators were told by Lane that he accidently fired the weapon toward the ceiling of the residence.  The decision was made to utilize diversionary devices to gain compliance from Lane.

At approximately 8pm, Lane exited the residence and was taken into custody. 

Lane claimed he attempted to overdose on medications prior to exiting the residence.  Lane was examined on scene and transported to a medical facility for further observation.   Lane is now facing additional charges for Assault 1st degree and felon in possession of a firearm.

Through a pattern of poor decisions, Mr. Lane created a highly volatile situation.   The skill of the negotiation team and the decisions made by the SWAT leadership, team members and Skamania deputies resulted in a very positive conclusion.