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Dive Team Assists Hood River Sheriff’s Office

On Sunday March 24th,  2019 the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office Dive Rescue and Recovery Team, along with Marine Deputies of the Hood River Sheriff’s Office, held a joint dive/boat operations training in the Hood River Marina.  After working out logistics with the Port of Hood River, the training consisted of locating, rigging, and removing various navigational hazards and trash from the marina bottom.  During the training a full-size boat trailer, 55 gal drums, and miscellaneous trash was removed.  Training such as this is an extremely valuable tool so search and rescue teams can work together to ensure water operations can be completed with the least amount of risk possible. 

On March 3rd,  The Skamania Dive Team assisted Hood River Deputies rig and remove a vehicle that had crashed into the Hood River.  The driver escaped uninjured and the vehicle was removed before any contaminates polluted the river.        

Divetrain 1
Divetrain 2
Divetrain 3