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Changes on State Route 14

Many of you may or may not know that there has been ongoing conversation for sometime now regarding traffic improvements on SR 14 and the Wind River Rd Junction.  Washington State Department of Transportation (WADOT) will begin July 15th to make such improvements.  

The improvement chosen will be to install a roundabout that will allow traffic to safely flow and create a better intersection for commuters who travel to and from Carson, WA.  We understand that there will be a lot of adjustment during and after construction. If you have questions or concerns regarding this project, we would like to encourage you to visit the WADOT website shown below for continued updates and/or reach out to:

  • Devin Reck (WSDOT Project Engineer) 360 – 759 – 1310  or
  • Celeste Dimichina (WSDOT Communications) 360 – 905 – 2057 or
We thank you for your patience during this time.  Please remember to be careful while traveling through the construction zones and watch for those working to make State Route 14 a safer highway.