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Vandalism Occurs at Law Enforcement Repeater


1200 Hrs.

On May 30, 2020 the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of extensive damage to one of their west end repeater sites. The Lookout Mountain repeater site provides radio coverage for law enforcement, fire, EMS and the United States Forest Service. Skamania County is known for its vast forest lands, unique beauty and mountainous terrain. The Lookout repeater site is a critical piece to communications in and around Skamania County. If this site was not functioning properly, it could severely limit the ability for resources to aid when seconds count. Repairs are currently underway to secure this vital piece of infrastructure. The Skamania County Sheriff’s Office is seeking information regarding the vandalism to the repeater site. Please direct inquiries to Detective Jeremy Schultz at 509-427-9490, extension 2006 or by e-mail at