The Skamania County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center is responsible for answering all emergency and non-emergency calls to the Sheriff’s Office. Our dispatch center also carries out all the dispatching of police, fire and medical calls within Skamania County as well as dispatching local resources and first responders to other jurisdictions as requested by mutual aid agreements. All calls for any assistance that require a response from any of the above emergency services are added into our local database. Our center consists of one Dispatcher and one Telecomunicator on at all times

Dispatcher & Telecomunicators are trained in reading maps and gathering pertinent information; and certified in Emergency Medical Dispatching & Emergency Police Dispatching.  Our center is also responsible for assisting in the coordination of resources within the Gifford National Forest while working in conjunction with the Washington Department of Emergency Management.

In 2010 our communication center was responsible for answering 42,079 calls to the Sheriff’s Office.  Of these calls 8,114 of them were from the 911 lines and generated 10,365 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) calls.