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2/6/24 1100 Hrs

On January 29, 2024, the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office contacted an abandoned vehicle stuck in a snow berm in Stevenson, Washington. The Sheriff’s Office was later notified by Portland Police Bureau the abandoned vehicle was involved with a missing person, Jeannie Enyeart, 47, from Portland. Portland Police Bureau Detectives worked with Skamania County Detectives, searching the surrounding area as well as Enyeart’s vehicle. Enyeart’s body was later recovered from her vehicle.

The Skamania County Sheriff’s Office extends its condolences to Enyeart’s family and expresses gratitude to the community involvement in efforts to locate Enyeart. Skamania County Sheriff Summer Scheyer stated, “This case was complicated and information was restricted for dissemination to ensure case integrity. Difficult decisions were made to withhold details in the case as our sole mission was to obtain justice for Ms. Enyeart. Many details have yet to be released, as this investigation is on-going.” Further media inquiries should be directed to Portland Police Bureau.